‘We knew we were going to look stupid, but it was all for a good cause!’

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

On Saturday 5th August, the staff of Wallace House Residential Care Home took part in a sponsored roller skate to raise money for residents’ activities.

Wallace House Manager Wendy Reid summed it up very nicely when she said:  ‘Basically, we were going to look stupid, and we knew it, but it was all in a good cause!’

Wendy continued: ‘One of our Carers came up with this idea, and we were daft enough to take her up on it!  Seriously, though, this is all about raising funds for the residents, to go towards our summer fayre and other activities, and it’s also a great way of advertising what a friendly, caring bunch we are at Wallace House.  We have had lots of sponsors, including some very generous donations from our residents’ families. ’

So why did Wendy think they were going to look stupid’?  Wendy explained: We decided to dress up in 80’s leg warmers and tu-tus, so we knew there’d be no chance we’d skate past shoppers and motorists unnoticed!  Then, of course, there was the small point that some of us haven’t skated for years!

Wendy and her gang of intrepid skaters started at Wallace House and completed a 6 mile trip down to the Swing Bridge and the Quayside, and then back to Wallace House. 

Well done Team Wallace!

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