Karolina does it again!

Monday, 7 August 2017

We are really proud of Karolina, our Head Chef, who had a recent inspection from the Environmental Health Office and has maintained a 5 rating – that’s 5 out of 5, in case you didn’t know!

Karolina has done really well since the EHO started issuing ratings here in Wales six 6 years ago. That’s no surprise to us, because Karolina and her team have put in a lot of hard work, and it’s great to see that officially acknowledged, again!

Karolina puts a lot of time and thought into her menus, making most dishes, sauces and puddings from scratch. Mind you, she’s not the sort of person to take all the glory herself, which is why she’s quick to point out that a huge thanks has to go to her kitchen assistants, Brenda and Susan, who work hard to keep very high standards of food hygiene and general cleanliness in the kitchen.

Karolina was awarded a Bronze award in the Wales Care Awards 2015 for her excellence in catering.  It seems there’s no holding her and her team back!

Well done Team Karolina!

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