Baby Baby visits Cartrefle for a bit of fuss!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Residents at Cartrefle are no strangers to animals.  Not long ago there was a visit from some zoo animals, and now a lamb has been added to the visitors’ book!

A couple of Cartrefle residents are farmers – there’s the link! – and early one morning a gorgeous young lamb arrived at the Home. 

Baby Baby, whose Mum had died a few weeks before, after having him and his sister, became a bottle fed pet lamb, so he was used to humans and really enjoyed his visit to Cartrefle.

He was more than happy to stand and be fussed by anyone who wanted to have a go. Residents loved the feel of his wool and the farmers among them loved the smell, as it brought back happy memories. 

The residents can’t wait to see Baby Baby again.  Reports are that no one is feeling sheepish about the visit (sorry!)

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